Hi, I’m Julie, your “reality” Coach 🙂

Are you tired of hearing yourself complain about yourself and your life?

Do you feel you are meant for more than what you are actually living?

If you are ready for a real change, to reclaim the magnificence of who you truly are and live a life of joy and abundance. Working with me is the right choice for you.

The best investment you can make in your life is to invest in yourself.

This is the invitation that I am extending to you. Because I did it, I can provide short cuts for you to live your Best Life, to the best version of you. The moment is always infinite potentiality.

If this seems intriguing, book a Free Clarity Call Now.

Why work with me? To be the best version of you!

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Revealing the unconscious

The first aspect of my work with you is to reveal the unconscious beliefs that are creating self-sabotage in your life and to support you to embody new energy that can free you of the habitual response that you have in life, which perpetuates recreating your past in your futur.

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Opening of the Heart

As a certified Deep Transformational Coach and Self Inquiry Facilitator, I support you to open your heart to melt self-judgment and the inner-critic in unconditional love. With the energy of self trust and true self acceptance, your life can start to unfold with a higher potentiality.


I am a Conscious Creator

I support you to be conscious of what you create. Here you shift from the paradigm of fear and lack to infinite abundance and miracle consciousness. In integrity and the purity of the heart, you can step in your power and live your most Epic Life version fully guided by your intuitions.

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