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Shift from the paradigm of fear and effort, to effortless abundance.

Start right now to function from your intuition and effortlessness to live your highest potential and receive abundance in all areas of your life.

Abundance of inspiration, energy, friendships, collaborations, money, social life, etc…

Why Work with me?

I support you to realise and live from your infinite nature.

When “your suffering” loses its plausibility, your Life has to Reflect your Embodied Freedom in abundance of all forms, relationship, collaborations, love, money, inspiration, etc…

My Services


Meet for a free discovery call.

Find more support and a Community to infuse you and elevate your energy field
$499.00/Monthly for my Private Community (online courses and weekly live events with me for support & mentoring)

Ready for the Big Shift?
Embark on The Magic Train for accelerated Deep Transformation, embark at one station and disembark at a whole new dimension.
$5000.00 2 weeks Deep Transformational Private Container (includes a Private Open Telegram Channel with 3 sessions per weeks)
$10000.00 4 weeks Deep Transformational Private Container (includes a Private Open Telegram Channel with 3 sessions per weeks)

Services are in USD Currency & non-refundable.

More about The Community (Monthly Membership)

Access to my 3 online courses
Course 1: Awaken Your Emotional Intelligence and somatically release the debris of fear, guilt, shame, sadness and/or anger.
Course 2: Effortless Being Learn about the 5 Koshas to function from intuition and your highest potential.
Course 3: The balance of Love and wisdom, serve yourself first to serve others in abundance.
Course 4: Shift to Wealth Consciousness and become a conduit of abundance.
Access to Weekly Events with me (currently 2 per week) in small group setting, a discussion board and a private chat for questions and answers.
$499/Month. Subscribe Now or Find More Information.

All services are in USD & non-refundable.

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Professional Certifications

Life Coach

Julie Cloutier is a Certified Life Coach, June 2022

Transformational Coaching

Julie Cloutier is a Certified Deep Transformational Coach, October 2022

Kiloby Inquiries

Julie Cloutier is a Certified Kiloby Inquiries Facilitator D1-2, December 2022

Mindful Integration Facilitator

Julie Cloutier is a Certified Mindful Integration Facilitator, September 2023


It was amazing how Julie managed to hold space for me and guide me softly into the state in which I discovered that I had always subconsciously forbidden myself to be joyful. It’s been months since we had the session and nothing has changed for me, no reverse effect has taken place. I feel free to experience, express and share my joy. Such a fantastic experience! Thank you, Julie!

Alice, Barcelona, Spain

Julie is very gentle and yet direct. While we were working together I felt a peaceful quietness and spaciousness. She guided me to give space to anything arising which I still practice today.

Sharon Karina – Actor, Dance Instructor, Melbourne, Australia

During our interactions, Julie show up, present and attentive. I leave each conservation feeling much more empowered than before. Her clients are lucky to have her in their corner!

Maghoney Dednam

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