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Book a session to reveal how to effortlessly allow your Highest Timeline to unfold and how to be a Modern Mystic “I am a conscious co-creator”.

what are the session about?

The session are spontaneously arising depending on what is alive in the moment and what you feel is of most support to you. Sometimes they are pointing to our True Nature of the Silence between or behind thoughts. Sometimes they are a conversation to answer your questions, sometimes they are “teachings” or guidance to what to look into to support you and sometimes they are more directed to somatic guided inquiries to reveal the subconscious programs in the clear light of awareness and allow dense energies to move from your system, which has for effect to reveal the light that is already there.

When suffering loses its plausibility, your Life has to Reflect your Embodied Freedom.

Integrate as you go

Julie work with the principle of “Integrate as you go”. Instead of trying to solve ourselves, the map of transformation is filled with living from our authentic truth in our day-to-day life. Julie encourages her clients to not only reveal limiting beliefs but also to walk the talk, to take steps outside of our comfort zone while we work together to unravel what is in the way of your highest potential.

The first session together is a good opportunity to see if there is resonance for us to work together, we will both trust our intuition. I only choose to work with those that I feel I can be of true value. Sometimes the guidance is that I am not the right person for you, this is not personal and should not be taken as a set back but as a service that I am offering you in pointing you to other resources that I feel will be of best support to you.

Price are in U.S. Dollars.

1 session USD222 for 75 minutes.

After our first session, I offer the possibility for 20% Rebate on a Package of 4 Sessions if there is resonance to work together. 

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It was amazing how Julie managed to hold space for me and guide me softly into the state in which I discovered that I had always subconsciously forbidden myself to be joyful. It’s been months since we had the session and nothing has changed for me, no reverse effect has taken place. I feel free to experience, express and share my joy. Such a fantastic experience! Thank you, Julie!

Alice, Barcelona, Spain

Julie is very gentle and yet direct. While we were working together I felt a peaceful quietness and spaciousness. She guided me to give space to anything arising which I still practice today.

Sharon Karina – Actor, Dance Instructor, Melbourne, Australia

During our interactions, Julie show up, present and attentive. I leave each conservation feeling much more empowered than before. Her clients are lucky to have her in their corner!

Maghoney Dednam

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