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Access the online course material and weekly events for experiential support for USD $499/Monthly.

Access to the 4 modules of the Energy Mastery Course plus all upcoming material.

1- Awaken your Emotional Intelligence: Reveal and clear unconscious beliefs that are creating self-sabotage.

2- Effortless Being & the 5 Koshas: Recognised and experience more and more the Flow state of effortless being by learning about the 5 Koshas

3- Energy Mastery/Balancing in 5D: I am a conscious creator, become an active and conscious participant of your life creation.

4- Wealth Consciousness: living in the miraculous without fear of lack.

With the Monthly Membership, you also get access to a Circle Community Platform where you can chat with others and ask questions. All events are recorded but kept private on the platform for confidentiality.

Access a Community to shift to a paradigm of effortless abundance. Access knowledge that will support you in a practical way in your life experience. Access Live Events with Julie for questions and most importantly, the integration of the material into your day-to-day life.

Embody your Higher Self, the energy of Self Trust and Self Love at all times and live (crystalize in the physical reality) the life of your dream from the radiance of your authentic self.

The Community Access includes

Course 1Awakening your emotional intelligence and becoming the master of your mental and emotional body. This course will teach you how to reveal the subconscious program and commands that are creating unconscious self-sabotage and suffering in your life. You will also get access to simple practice to allow feeling to surface and most importantly to exist in aware presence which will result in your energy body to be lighter and your nervous system to be calmer. As you feel deeply from awareness you reclaim your power.

Course 2 – Cultivate effortless being by knowing the 5 koshas. In this course you will learn to recognise the multi dimensional aspect of your self and you will become aware of the different modes of operation and experiences available to you from the nondual causal realm of the bliss body & wisdom body sheat, to the dual realm of the mental, emotional and physical body sheat. You will learn to recognise and bring more awareness to these mode of experience and the impact of each in your life. Learn how the mental sheat affect your emotional and physical body, especially when you are unaware of being identified with it. Learn to recognise when you are identifying with the mental body sheat and how to de-identify from it when it happens. For you to live a truly magical human experience.

Course 3 – Balancing in 5D: Energy Mastery the balance of love and wisdom. In this third course you will learn how to put the learning together to intentionally create the life that you truly want. The balance of love and wisdom, embodied Self Trust. In this module, we look and become more conscious of the balance of love and wisdom and how we create our reality.

Course 4 – Wealth Consciousness. Shift your identity to Wealth. Change your language and perception of money. Trust your Heart guidance and the floor appears as you walk. Cultivate conviction that your desires are what the universe wants to create through you.

See the detailed description below

Course 1

Awaken Your Emotional Intelligence

Mastery of your Energy Body & the Alchemy of the Heart

Course 1 – The foundation that supports the alignment of your energy body.

The intention is for you to learn a simple practice of inquiring and feeling emotions deeply to reclaim your Power.

This course provides a simple practice and a worksheet to reveal and bring to the light of awareness the invitations from the mental realm that take you out of the natural state of peace of being. Once revealed in awareness they lose power to make you suffer.

6 Short pre-recorded videos with simple practices to integrate into your life. Each module builds on one another.

Access to a chat and a Discussion Board to ask questions and share your discovery and experience.

Access the Truth Bakery Community Space with at least one meeting per week with Julie (except for some holidays) and the other participants to ask questions and be guided experientially to apply the knowledge in your direct experience.

Course 2

Effortless Being – knowing the 5 Koshas

To support you to live from intuition and wisdom

Course 2 – The Five Modes of Experiences.

7 Short pre-recorded videos with a PDF e-book illustrating the material taught in the videos.

Module 1 Experiential Exercise – Recognising our True Nature of Non-Conceptual Awareness
Module 2 Introduction – What are The 5 Koshas?
Module 3 Understanding the First Filter, The Bliss Body
Module 4 Understanding the Second Filter, The Wisdom Body
Module 5 Understanding the Third Filter, The Mental Body
Module 6 Understanding the Fourth Filter, The Emotional Body
Module 7 Understanding the Fifth Filter, The Physical Body

Get an e-book to deepen your understanding of our Infinite Nature and to support you to live from higher vibration frequency consciously.

Access to a chat and  Discussion Board to ask questions and share your discovery and experience. Access to a minimum of 1 meeting per week (except some Holidays) with Julie and the other participants.

Course 3

Energy Mastery Balancing in 5D

I am a Conscious Creator

Course 3 – Energy Mastery – I am Conscious Creator.

In this section, we bring it all together. This is where we pay attention to the embodiment of the energy body of trust and love to create from your life force energy unblock.

In this section of the course, you will learn to balance love and wisdom. As your voice becomes clear of debris of fear and unworthiness, your communication will be potent and powerful. You will be a magnet for your heart’s desire to crystallize in your physical reality.

Julie will support you in shifting your reality to a new level of abundance by staying grounded in your True Self and allowing the creative energy to guide your movement. Cultivating the purity of the heart, residing in integrity, safe in humble confidence.

Short pre-recorded videos.

– Balancing in 5D – Service to Self is Service to Others and vice-versa.
– Everything is an energy exchange, be consciously transactionnal
– Neville’s Goddard reading I am declaring myself to be…
– The Creation Frequency: create from heart resonance and for the happiness of everyone involved
– Take inspired action, the floor appears as you walk.
– Integrate as you Go. Take inspired action even if you feel fear and ground the discomfort of the unknown, your nervous system will adjust to this new normal.
– Surrender and be curious


Access to a chat and a Discussion Board to ask questions and share your discovery and experience.
Access to the Truth Bakery Community Space with Julie and a minimum of 1 meeting per week (except some Holidays) with Julie and the other participants to experience and integrate the learning in your life.

Coming Soon – Course 4: Wealth Consciousness

Testimonials from participants.


Dipti Singh

Participant March 2023 – “Effortless Being – Knowing the 5 Koshas”.
Participant June 2023 – “Awaken Your Emotional Intelligence”.

“The first time I got an email asking if I was interested in the course “Effortless Being”, it felt like someone had heard what I wanted and sent that mail to me personally.

I felt instantly connected to it. I felt like I was seeking it and it dropped in my world at the right time.

Meeting Julie has been one of the best gifts for me that the universe chose to give me. I was in a self-exploratory phase for a while and had so much awareness about everything that was happening to me in my life but I didn’t know how to release it. I kept wandering and asking myself “Knowing these things is making me feel good but I don’t feel light because I am not being able to release them.” There was a desperation in me to find ways to let them go but I didn’t know how to.

I read one of the mentor’s blogs time and again and he kept saying that time will heal all the wounds but it was taking way too long.

It’s when I joined Julie’s course, I started understanding ways of dealing with my pains.

I started accepting and allowing everything in my life with her course and feel so released today. Like she says “You start living with awareness, I have started but I know I have some time for that.” But I am so much more at ease with myself now.
I feel like I want to embrace all that I have avoided all my life and want to feel so free from within that nothing in the world can latch on to me and this course provided me that space.

I have cried and I have laughed while in the process but the result has been way more than amazing. That feeling of freedom within is priceless.

I highly recommend Julie’s course if you want to release a lot of the things that you have been holding on to. If you want to live like an effortless being then this is the path.

Thanks, Julie, for this wonderful journey!”

Dipti Singh,


Chris D.

Participant September 2023 – “Effortless Being – Knowing the 5 Koshas”.

“When I signed up for Julie Cloutier’s course, “Consciously Knowing the Five Koshas,” I didn’t know what to expect. It was a spontaneous decision. What I did know was that Julie’s videos and guidance resonate deeply here. I had never heard of the 5 Koshas before, but something about the concept evoked a calm within.

The course materials are straightforward to understand. The best part of the course was having 3 meetings with Julie for guidance and discussion. She helps me so much, teaching me to look more deeply at what is truly right here, right now. We laugh together, we cry together, and, bit by bit, recognition of the One Love grows and strengthens. It’s pretty phenomenal how much the seeing has deepened and stabilized with this course. Gratitude abounds.”

–Chris D.

Liz Peek

Participant September 2023 – “Awaken Your Emotional Intelligence”.

“This course was really pivotal in helping me to identify and overcome apparent blocks to peace and helping to root me in my True Nature of Presence. The tools offered here can be utilized again and again in differing scenarios to help us bring ourselves to a place of greater ease and comfort in the world and freedom from suffering. Julie was so helpful and responsive to my comments and questions. I really felt seen, heard, and gently guided the entire way. It was also wonderful to participate in live calls with others, which foster a sense of community and where we can witness and learn from each other in a safe and supportive space.”

–Liz Peek


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