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Testimonials from participants.


Dipti Singh

Participant March 2023 – “Effortless Being – Knowing the 5 Koshas”.
Participant June 2023 – “Awaken Your Emotional Intelligence”.

“The first time I got an email asking if I was interested in the course “Effortless Being”, it felt like someone had heard what I wanted and sent that mail to me personally.

I felt instantly connected to it. I felt like I was seeking it and it dropped in my world at the right time.

Meeting Julie has been one of the best gifts for me that the universe chose to give me. I was in a self-exploratory phase for a while and had so much awareness about everything that was happening to me in my life but I didn’t know how to release it. I kept wandering and asking myself “Knowing these things is making me feel good but I don’t feel light because I am not being able to release them.” There was a desperation in me to find ways to let them go but I didn’t know how to.

I read one of the mentor’s blogs time and again and he kept saying that time will heal all the wounds but it was taking way too long.

It’s when I joined Julie’s course, I started understanding ways of dealing with my pains.

I started accepting and allowing everything in my life with her course and feel so released today. Like she says “You start living with awareness, I have started but I know I have some time for that.” But I am so much more at ease with myself now.

I feel like I want to embrace all that I have avoided all my life and want to feel so free from within that nothing in the world can latch on to me and this course provided me that space.

I have cried and I have laughed while in the process but the result has been way more than amazing. That feeling of freedom within is priceless.

I highly recommend Julie’s course if you want to release a lot of the things that you have been holding on to. If you want to live like an effortless being then this is the path.

Thanks, Julie, for this wonderful journey!”

Dipti Singh,


Chris D.

Participant September 2023 – “Effortless Being – Knowing the 5 Koshas”.

“When I signed up for Julie Cloutier’s course, “Consciously Knowing the Five Koshas,” I didn’t know what to expect. It was a spontaneous decision. What I did know was that Julie’s videos and guidance resonate deeply here. I had never heard of the 5 Koshas before, but something about the concept evoked a calm within.

The course materials are straightforward to understand. The best part of the course was having 3 meetings with Julie for guidance and discussion. She helps me so much, teaching me to look more deeply at what is truly right here, right now. We laugh together, we cry together, and, bit by bit, recognition of the One Love grows and strengthens. It’s pretty phenomenal how much the seeing has deepened and stabilized with this course. Gratitude abounds.”

–Chris D.

Liz Peek

Participant September 2023 – “Awaken Your Emotional Intelligence”.

“This course was really pivotal in helping me to identify and overcome apparent blocks to peace and helping to root me in my True Nature of Presence. The tools offered here can be utilized again and again in differing scenarios to help us bring ourselves to a place of greater ease and comfort in the world and freedom from suffering. Julie was so helpful and responsive to my comments and questions. I really felt seen, heard, and gently guided the entire way. It was also wonderful to participate in live calls with others, which foster a sense of community and where we can witness and learn from each other in a safe and supportive space.”

–Liz Peek


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