Search for the source of “me” and you will find only thoughts, feelings, desires, and resistances.

When there is no search, there is our True Nature, infinite being. It has no opinions and no attributes.

When there is the belief of being a separate person, everything seems to be happening to me and everything seems to be requiring effort.

Let go of the investment that you have made into the personal “me”, “my life”, “my desire”, and “my pain” and what will be revealed is pure happiness, your True Nature, and the possibility for the destiny of your character to unfold without attachment to any result and without fear of “not doing the right thing” or “not being good enough”.

Remove allegiance to the mind that is constantly creating the existence of an illusory me that is not good enough or better than other imagined “person”. Use the capacity of mind to function but do not believe the voice in your head that seems to be talking to you about you! All mind can do is compare, judge, calculate and describe things. Find out for yourself, where is the “me” other than in thoughts.

When there is no more investment in separation or oneness, we could call that pure being, beingness. There is no need for “me” to exist for existence to be and that is effortless. Self-Realization is not a doing it is a letting go of the personalization of “me” and the idea that things are happening to “me” and that one day this “me” will be happy. This “me” can’t be happy because happiness is here when “me” is absent. Do not fear its absence, it was never real in the first place. It has only appeared to limit your true being, but being is always present. That felt sense of presence is the True Self, and it is not personal.

Happiness is effortlessly here when there are no more desires, even the desire for happiness. When the desire for anything is gone, what is left is happiness. Maybe thoughts will “appear to be telling you” that there is nothing, that there will be nothing without desire but those are only thoughts that keep you bounded. Pure emptiness reveals pure beingness. Let that be revealed to you, that which is you when resting in effortless being. Love, joy, and creativity flow from there, nothing will be lost because it was never real.

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