When there is self-realisation, it is realised that all is well, that there is no person, and that the “me” I thought I was is an illusion produced by believing thoughts.

With this realisation, there can be a clear seeing that there is nothing to do, no one to heal, and all the baggage that I thought was me or mine can be instantly dropped.

In this context, those questions may arise, “Why do self-inquiry if there is nothing to do?” Or even why should I do self-inquiry if there is no “me”? Who is doing self-inquiry?

Here is an attempt to answer this question. I hope this helps if you are facing these questions yourself.

There is no power in words.

Words are just words, they have no power of their own.

When there is identification with the word, being “me”, then they seem to acquire power. They seem to have the power to bring us joy or sorrow.

But we are the power of being conscious that energizes the words.

We are the power of consciousness but “we give” power to words, which then veil our natural state of happiness and joy of being.

Objects/thoughts have no power of their own, it is our relationship with them that has the power to veil our happiness.

Everything is benign, we give “things” attributes with thoughts and beliefs.

What is self-inquiry doing? Self-inquiry reveals that words and beliefs are not “me” or mine.

It’s just that sometimes, some words may seem like this is me. Some events may seem to appear to be happening to me.

When we wake up to that reality, sometimes thoughts will appear to keep us bounded and we may feel emotional suffering. To empty the charge that some thoughts retain even after self-realisation, we look at words and pictures and feel the charge in them, feeling it fully without resistance dissolve the energy charge, then we look again at the words and pictures, and we feel the charge again and it dissolves even more until there is no more charge. The energy charge dissolves by feeling the feeling/emotion.

When the charge in words and pictures that made us suffer before is dissolved or emptied, all that is left is freedom of being, peace, love, creativity. It is always here but sometimes covered by the charge of our energy in the words and pictures.

Self-Inquiry dissolves identification. It does not heal a person, because there is no person so there are no broken persons. There is already freedom.

Self-Inquiry prior or post-awakening is like popping pockets of identification that are still lingering around our energy field. It’s a tool available to us, once it is known. It can be used anytime, anywhere. Even while knowing that there is no time and there is no “where” 🙂

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