You are the light that reveals something and nothing at the same time.

The empty background on which everything seems to have its own separate existence.

By the power of your light, you seem to bring “things” to “existence” for the sole purpose of enjoying them and experiencing them. All along, in disguise to yourself, only enjoying and experiencing yourself.

When the game seems to become so hard that it dawns on you that you may have forgotten that it was never serious. You seem to wake up to yourself and may continue to play the game of hide and seek for a while for the sole purpose of being sad for losing yourself to be ecstatic again and again for finding yourself.

Until at some point, there is an extinction of the fuel to play the game of sad and ecstatic and you then simply stay home resting in the pure light of your being, in peace and quiet happiness.

There is only love here loving itself in all its forms and you are That.

If that resonates with you, book a conversation with me to explore or realise the Truth of what you are, infinite consciousness having a human experience.