What is that freedom place that you already are? It’s a place where it’s empty but it does not know that it is empty.

It is before the awareness that there is awareness.

Before the concept of “there is existence” (awareness of existence) or awareness of existing.

This is what you are, pure consciousness. All that comes after seems to be added to you, “the idea that I exist as a person and this exists as an object” is a concept added to pure emptiness.

It is before the realisation “Oh there is awareness”!

It is empty but does not “know” that it is empty.

There is nothing there but it is not the “void” or the idea that there is nothing.

Pure emptiness, devoid of any concept.

Go to that place, see through all concepts, let go of all concepts, and you will get to the last concept.

The last concept that is left is the concept of nothing, NOW drop that last concept.

You can’t remove that last concept, because it cannot be realized by thinking about it. So you just drop it. It is an energetic knowing, not a thought.

Once you remove all concepts, you get to the last concept “Nothing”, and nothing can remove that concept, so you simply drop it.

And you are there, silence, stillness. Absolute Truth.

The truth of who you are is freedom itself before it knows or conceptualizes that it exists. What you are is already free, only the belief that you are not free is in the way of it.

Once a concept is adopted, there is bondage and you simply are leaving Truth to embark on a journey of thoughts and concepts, which is not being.

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