How to be fully conscious and aware of the emotional body?

Within the 5 Koshas model, the pivotal transformation happens when you can live consciously from the Wisdom Body.

The wisdom body is non-dual. It is effortless non-conceptual awareness. It is already here and there is no practice needed to reside in this body.

This body appears before the mental body. It contains the superpower of non-judgment.

That superpower is you, effortless being is already your natural state!

You can discover right here/now that everything is registered in awareness without effort, and that no description is required to register anything sensory.

Sensing energy in the body is already effortless and the narration of it is not necessary. Sensations appear effortlessly.

Seeing anything visual in our periphery of awareness is done without effort as well. There is no need to describe anything to perceive it. It appears in awareness without any effort. It is not necessary to describe anything for anything to be seen.

Hearing sound is also effortless. You are not doing anything to hear. Hearing simply happens directly. There is no “doer” of hearing. There is no doing hearing, there is only hearing and it is effortless already.

The same thing is true with smelling and tasting, you are not making any effort to smell and taste.

This can be verified right now in your direct experience and it is not a belief, it is a simple realisation of what is already here.

This is self-realisation. The realisation that effortless non-conceptual awareness is already here.

That is effortless being, the wisdom body, it has no opinion, no judgment and is effortless.

The wisdom body is close to our True Nature because it is effortless and non-conceptual awareness. It is present before we engage the mind to describe or judge anything.

Now if you activate your mind to comment and narrate what is effortlessly perceived, you will feel that an effort has to be made to engage the mind and you are now adding a layer of meaning that is created from the dualistic lens of the mind.

To bring conscious awareness to the emotional body, the invitation is to rest in the wisdom body while perceiving emotions (energy in motion) in the physical body without labelling them, judging them or describing them with the mind.

When this is done moment-to-moment, there is a freedom that is revealed. This freedom is already your True Nature but it may appear to be veiled by the emotional turbulences that come when we identify with the mind.

When we view our emotions from the wisdom body which is unity consciousness, neutral and open, the turbulences dissolve in a sea of neutrality or something we could name impersonal love.

The 5 Koshas
From the place of being neutral and open (in the wisdom body) contractions dissolve and higher frequency energies are felt in the physical body. The 9 Emotional States are based on the Book The Sedona Method by Hale Dwoskin (illustration by Julie Cloutier).

The more you reside in the wisdom body, the more effortless your life becomes, and the higher your energy field becomes. The more you can realise your full potential because you lose the capacity to fully believe thoughts.

You are simply being, you are not going anywhere, you are the unchanging being having a relative experience. It’s possible to live the movement of the human experience from a place of stable stillness. That is the most amazing adventure of all and is the higher purpose of your human life to realise your True Nature and live from this most stable foundation.

By meeting the relative experience from the Truth of your Nature, which is simply being, there is more and more access to higher vibration frequency experiences.

You are not the experience that you are having, you are not the emotions that are passing through you, you are not the thoughts and you are not even the body. You are not bliss either, bliss is an experience too. You are infinite consciousness which is experiencing the relative experience through these filters of awareness.

If you feel intuitively drawn to consciously know and be fearless of the emotional realm, do not hesitate to Book a Conversation with me.

Working with me has the potential to reveal in you the immense power of your own being. Learning how to be with the emotional body from the perspective of energy moving in the physical body without the mental overlay of judgment is a well of power within yourself that you will be drinking from, once it is revealed.