As this ever occurred to you, we are just here.

Existence shows up as only that, pure being, here/now.

The mind (thoughts) will tell us that there is a lot that we need to do. That we need to become someone or attain something in order to be happy. The mind (our thoughts) are in constant motion in time, past or future. This is simply the limitation or the nature of thoughts.

But in reality, there is only this, love, joy of being. Without any purpose or needs.

Growing and becoming can be met from here, from total joy, love of being in fearless freedom.

From this perspective, it is fun to become and grow. It loses its capacity to make us anxious or afraid.

As the mind relaxes in this way of being, the magic of life unfolds as we (our egoïc sense of self) get out of the way.

Love, joy, is a simple allowing. There is no goal that one needs to attain to meet life in the joy of being, it is what and who each of us is, freedom, love and joy itself.

One needs only to recognize that there is no work to be done to get “there”. It does not require study, only noticing. From there, our actions arise more and more out of joy and less out of fear. The more this is recognized, the more life seems to take an easy turn to a richer, more peaceful and more joyful human experience.

If that resonates with you, book a conversation with me to realise the Truth of what you are, infinite consciousness having a human experience.