life is infinite and we are it

limitations are only possible in the form of a thought

reality is infinite potential, unlimited

there is no beginning and end

beginning and end only exist in mind

life happens spontaneously and always did, mind only makes comments on what happened or what is happening only

when one follows joy and inspiration, reality presents a higher version of unfolding, manifestation is always at play, always manifesting, unfolding

life unfolds to the equal capacity of the openness that radiates through the body-mind unit

letting things present themselves and following joy and inspiration allows the infinite intelligence to shape or weaved into that vibration

if the mind is closed and in fear of losing control, safety, or approval, manifestation is simply blocked or limited by that

the willingness to let go of control and the need for approval and let life fully express its highest manifestation is the greatest adventure of all

there really is nothing to do than act from inspiration and joy and let the rest take shape on its own

any thought is a limitation of reality, it is simply the infinite looking through a point of view to see “a world”, in reality, there is nothing to think about but play the game of life from an unlimited openness

the mind can rest at last

and that is felt in the body as infinite love and happiness

everyone is it, the infinite being playing being a limited being looking through the filter or thoughts

If that resonates with you, book a conversation with me to realise the Truth of what you are, infinite consciousness having a human experience.