To live without stories, without concepts.

Without the “me” belief. To be here simply being.

To live the beautiful human experience from a place of openness and neutrality.

It can’t be described but it can be pointed to.

To rest while there is movement. To see and feel presence while participating in our human experience. To be guided by intuition, to let life live through the body/mind. To access wisdom and effortless being.

To rest in our infinite nature and beingness while participating actively and creatively in the world.

To move consciously in and out of the duality of the mental and emotional realm. To embrace everything from the pure unconditional love of our essence, without denying anything and if “things” can’t be embraced to not deny that either.

No story, memories are seen as only words and pictures without any story attached. Even things and events are seen as words and pictures without any story attached. Living the magic of the moment always without discriminating of one moment being better than another moment. Living this moment as one, fully, seeing that the moment is always complete, nothing is missing ever. Embracing becomes so big and expanded without end, life reveals itself as the most beautiful and magical eternal moment.

From there, existence is felt as pure magic, as a beautiful unexpected possibility.

To simply exist without existing as this and that. To see everything as that same thing, existence without existing as this and that.

Feelings are felt, sounds are heard, intuition arises, communications happen, and creativity and love flow seamlessly. It does not require effort and at the same time, it is worth all efforts if needed, to realise this.


If this resonates with you and you want to explore this possibility of ultimate joy and freedom that is here now, book a conversation with me.